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        1. Products
          Contact Us
          Weihai Sanfang
          Address:Yekou Industry Park, Wenquan Town, Weihai, Shandong, China
          About US
             Weihai Sanfang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.lies in the beautiful coastal city Weihai. It covers 50,000m2 land and has the total assets of RMB 80 million Yuan. In the near 50-year development, it has formed a complete and efficient system of R&D, manufacturing...
          Leader Speach
             Time flies, after the steady development of nearly fifty years, Sanfang has became one of the biggest rubber machinery manufactures of China.The outstanding achievements of Sanfang is resulted from the care and support of all sectors of society and our customer friends. It is the fruit of diligent work and courage, wisdom and struggles of all Sanfang staffs, and it is the joy and pride of all Sanfang staffs, and worthy of keeping working hard for.
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